Our history.

Jon Larson, MD, MBA

Hector Caraballo, MD

The vision for MedSpoke materialized in the Spring of 2015 when Dr. Hector Caraballo and Dr. Jon Larson were brainstorming ideas to improve healthcare.  They saw an enormous opportunity to utilize technology to improve the lives of physicians and patients.  The MedSpoke team met at San Antonio’s premiere co-working space Geekdom, and quickly assembled a team with the passion, skills and determination to disrupt the $3.7 trillion healthcare industry. Built for Medical Professionals, by Medical Professionals the revolutionary ideas and visionary solutions originated from first-hand pain points and frustrations encountered daily by those who make healthcare work.

The problem.

Why can I call a cab, bank or connect with friends from my phone, but when it comes to credentialing I am stuck in the 1980’s?  License renewals are still sent on a flimsy postcard easily mistaken for junk-mail.  Filling out reams of paperwork & faxing information back and forth was incredibly inefficient and unacceptable in todays mobile, digital age; something had to change.  After months of discovery, research, collaboration and execution a truly game changing platform evolved.


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