Burden-free credentialing.

Let us do it for you.


Concierge Credentialing.

We work with a variety of Medical Groups within the industry.

FreeStanding ED's.

We understand the needs of FreeStanding Emergency Departments and how staying lean and compliant is key to a successful practice. Our platform removes the fog and keeps everyone on-track and organized.


Our platform is designed to align with the dramatic growth TeleMedicine is currently under. As you hire on new providers our concierge service and software will streamline your credentialing processing time.

Physician Groups.

As a physician centric company, we focused on building a credentialing software that eliminated the need for repetitive paperwork tennis. MedSpoke keeps your office staff productive and your physicians organized.

Staffing Groups.

Staffing groups have to credential providers quickly, and that’s what we do best. Our CaaS™ platform removes the inefficiencies of old credentialing and streamlines the flow for both practice managers and providers.

Locum Tenens.

Mobility and flexibility, that’s the nature of our game. Our credentialing platform removes the back and forth paperwork and streamlines the application process, giving the provider a great user experience along the way.

Hospital Systems.

From large to rural hospital systems, MedSpoke eliminates the need for repetitive paperwork tennis and keeps your office staff productive and your providers organized all within one, easy to use credentialing platform.

Engaged physicians.

We believe that connecting physicians with a great credentialing experience keeps the industry moving, growing and thriving.

Credentialing as a Service™

Our platform streamlines your group’s workflow, boosts staff productivity and ultimately gets your providers to work quicker.

MedSpoke - State Forms
State Licensing

Let our Concierge Credentialing team submit and track your providers state licenses.

MedSpoke - Insurance Forms

We work with all types of payers and can auto-complete any forms needed to enroll your providers.

Hospital Packets

We complete all of the paperwork and the gather documents needed to fully credential a provider.

It's easy.

Using the latest in mobile technology, merged with the industry’s best credentialers, our Credentialing as a Service™ platform can streamline the process for all groups, big or small.


Onboarding your medical professionals is easy. Simply drag n drop any existing files and documents into your secure DropZone and let us do the rest.

See for yourself.

Let us show you first hand our revolutionary Credentialing as a Service
platform and schedule your demo today.